Our Projects

Inflammation of the eye is one major worldwide cause of blindness. It often goes unrecognised because there are so many types. We work on this as well as on many other common blinding diseases and already we have saved many patients’ sight with our new treatments. Our research into blindness is aimed at:

  • Cataract, glaucoma, inflammation (Uveitis), macular degeneration (the commonest cause of blindness), corneal transplant rejection, retinal detachment. Any of these conditions may result in blindness.
  • Diabetes and blindness. The common disorder affects young and old alike.
  • Developing new methods for the automatic detection of diabetes in the eye, now used in screening diabetic patients.
  • How wounds in the eye heal (important for healing all body tissues).
  • State-of-the-art imaging technology (the colour scanning laser ophthalmoscope was invented in Aberdeen), for early diagnosis.
  • New treatments for inflammation (the TNF α fusion protein and interferon alpha).
  • Setting guidelines for treatment which are used worldwide.
  • Artificial cornea research/


Left: plane view of retina with blood cells causing trouble (yellow dots)

Right: the doctor's view of an eye at risk of going blind.

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